Nutrition Counseling

As a patient of Marlboro Internal Medicine, part of your proactive healthcare plan begins with a nutritional assessment from a registered dietitian. From the assessment you’ll receive an individualized healthy diet and activity plan. The plan will include easy tips for transforming your eating habits, guidance on choosing healthy, nutritious food and recommendations on increasing your exercise routine and/or your activity level.

Comprehensive Assessment

Your comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment will include (all or part of):

  • Review of Past Medical History
  • Review of Family Health History
  • Review of Medication
  • Review of pertinent lab work i.e. blood sugar, liver function, cholesterol profile, thyroid test, C-reactive protein, Fe levels
  • Review Food Allergy/Intolerances
  • Review Eating habits – dining out, travel, etc…
  • Review of Current exercise/activity levels, physical limitations

From your assessment an individualized plan will be developed working to help decrease your risk of certain diseases including but not limited to: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Weight Management, Hypertension, GI Disorders, Anemia and to improve your overall health and well-being.

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” Asian Proverb